Transcription Service

Welcome to our transcription service

We transcribe audio and video at a highly competitive rate. Currently we only transcribe English and Afrikaans audio and video files. We pride ourselves on our high level of client service, speed, accuracy, cost efficiency and data security.

Our transcription service rates are calculated per audio or video minute. An audio minute is one minute of recording. Use the formula in the sidebar to calculate what the approximate cost of transcribing your audio/video file will be.

How does it work?

The process is in fact very simple.

Just follow the steps listed below:

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  • Request a quote by completing and submitting the quote request form
  • Accept the quote and pay 50% into our PayPal account
  • Send us your audio files via WeTransfer (free and safe) for larger files up to 2 GB
  • Once we have received your audio file we’ll commence with the transcription


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  • When the transcription is completed you will be requested to pay the balance of the quoted amount
  • The Word document will then be sent to you via email
  • All documents and files related to the transcription are deleted from all our equipment as soon as you have received the transcription


What do we transcribe?

We transcribe any audio / video file but more specifically the following:

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  • Dictation
  • Academic theses
  • University lectures
  • School projects / essays
  • Lectures/Speeches
  • Religious sermons.

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  • Focus group research and findings
  • General research
  • Discussions
  • Minutes of business meetings
  • Podcasts


Privacy and security

We are aware of the importance of data protection and keeping files secure and safe. We comply fully with section 14 of the Constitution of South Africa and the requirements of the Protection of Personal Information Act (or POPIA or POPI Act) in South Africa. There is anti-virus scans and management on our server and our website has Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Do a FREE test run

You can test our service with a free test run. Just record a short (not longer then five minutes) of audio file by reading a paragraph or two.  Then use the link below to submit your audio recording. We’ll transcribe it and email the result to you.

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